Some of the most impressive homes on the Jersey Shore can be found in the very small borough of Longport.   Neighboring Margate to the south, Longport shares Absecon Island with Margate, Ventnor and Atlantic City.    With only about 1/2 a  square mile of total area and only around 900 year round residents making it one of the smaller towns in the area.   37% of the population come from retirees due to the excellent beaches, city services, quality schools and one of the lowest crime rates in the country.

Longport is rich in history...In 1911, Peter A. B. Widener purchased beachfront property between 28th & 29th Avenues where he built the Widener Industrial School as a “Summer Seashore Home for Handicapped Children.” Severely handicapped children were provided with a rigid schedule of rehabilitation at the school. During World War I the building was used to treat soldiers and was vacated again in 1941 to allow the Armed Services to train on the beach in the back of the building.   In 1941 it was converted into a hotel known as the Essex Beach Club and stayed a hotel until its recent demolition.   The location now houses 12 new homes.

The Borough of Longport has a vast history and many stories to offer at the Longport Historical Society and Museum.

Consisting of almost all single family homes, Longport properties range from around $500,000 up to $6 Million.  

Longport Sale properties