First known as "South Atlantic City" when it was incorporated in 1885 before it was renamed Margate in 1909 after the town of Margate, England.    Located on an 8.1 mile stretch of Absecon Island which it shares with Atlantic City, Ventnor and Longport.  It Is a popular Jersey Shore destination, especially during the summer, and is the home of Lucy the Elephant, a 65-foot wooden elephant located on prime beachfront property, and Marven Gardens popularized by the famous Monopoly board game.

While the town has a year­-round population of only about 6,400, Margate features beautiful beaches and an exciting nightlife, which are the major draw for vacationers as the population swells each summer, even though the town and beaches stay considerably less crowded than Atlantic City directly to the north.

High rise condominiums, single family homes and multi family homes are all found in Margate with prices ranging from $100,000 to into the millions.    For the luxury buyer their are many homes that can top out over $5,000,000. 

Due to the many top rated dining options in Margate you will still find visitors in the winter months..